Customs Clearance

The need for an office at every port has gone. With the modernisation of HM Revenue & Customs all Customs entries and payments are dealt with electronically via a centralised HMR&C location. With our continuous investment in computer systems and communications, MIES specialist customs clearance staff are able to clear your import or export cargo from any of our terminals no matter what port or airport your goods arrive or depart.

Your import arrivals can either be cleared from local port inventories or moved into one of our customs bonded warehouse at Tamworth, East Midlands or Heathrow Airports for local clearance and re-distribution.

MIES are able to provide help and advice with;

Import Customs Clearance Customs Classification
Export Customs Clearance Duty Rates
Binding Tariff Information Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)
Bonded Warehouse Removals Customs Consultancy
Fiscal Representation Special Customs Procedures; IPR, OPR, End Use Relief etc.




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