Hazardous Goods / Dangerous Goods

Legislation effective from 1st January 2000 means that any company involved in the loading, transportation and offloading of dangerous goods must have a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

The DGSA will be qualified by holding a Vocational Training Certificate which is obtained by passing an examination set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Companies requiring a DGSA can either employ a qualified person or contract their services on a consultancy basis. The name and details of the appointed DGSA must be provided to the Secretary or State on request.

We are pleased to announce that MIES International Ltd have a fully qualified DGSA whose services can be used on a consultancy basis. If you require further details please contact us.

We can provide a monitoring and advisory service for the transport, packing and handling of hazardous materials. We will also be on call to provide advice in the event of any problems or incidents relating to the transportation of hazardous products.

The definitive statement as to the functions and duties of the dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) can be found in the TDGSA regulations, but the main duties can be summarised as follows:

To monitor compliance with the legislation and recommendations governing the transport of dangerous goods.
To advise the employer on the health, safety and environmental issues in relation to the transport of dangerous goods.
To ensure that an annual report is prepared and provided to the employer on the company's activities in relation to the transport of dangerous goods.
To monitor the practices and procedures. Dangerous Goods Declaration



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