Packing Services

Export packing is an integral part of any international commercial transaction.  It is however, like many aspects of trade, not a topic that is black or white. The primary function of an export packer is to ensure that, in the event of encountering the potential hazards of transit and delivery, the product is delivered to the customer in the same condition as when it commenced the journey, that’s where MIES International comes in.

MIES International has the resources and know-how to ensure your exports are handled and shipped correctly, it brings to bear a huge experience to overcome the many challenges that international trade presents.

The export packing operation takes place at our 20,000 square foot warehouse based at East Midlands Airport.  The facility is equipped with a 5000kg crane and we have forklift capacity up to 16000kg. 

We also have five integral container loading ramps and a low mast forklift for efficient loading of shipping containers.  We offer a complete on site packing service including the loading and securing of containers anywhere in the UK.

Most countries the UK exports to requires timber packaging be treated in accordance with ISPM15 (UKWPMMP) MIES International operates under that scheme, therefore all the timber we use is Treated and stamped accordingly.



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