Special Projects.

Complications? It could be a tight deadline or highly sensitive equipment, big contaminated heavy old machines bought at auction or a production line swapping continents whilst a buffer stock runs down. There could be Export Licence issues or the need to solve VAT problems in another country. This is the part of our organisation that is geared up to handle demanding and complex freight requirements.

Quick price for a straightforward job? – not. When you need someone to come and see you and talk it through, to take the time to understand what is involved and come up with a solution that ticks ALL the boxes not just the first, we’ll do it.

TV studios, flight simulators, heavy machinery, medical production lines, high technology equipment, sensitive destinations, demanding documentation – whatever it takes to put a solution in place and execute it with your close co-operation.

And if something has gone horribly wrong and you need someone to put it right, we’ll tell you if we think it can be done and if so how and how much,  then go on and do it for you.

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