Special Projects.

Ganzhou Harmony Clock Face

In May 2010, MIES were contacted by the famous clock makers, Smiths of Derby, to help and advise them on the packing & transportation of their consignment of Component Parts, Handles & Clock Face for a huge Clock Tower located in Ganzhou, South-East China. When assembled, the clock would become the world’s largest mechanical clock and would also contain the world’s largest ever dials.

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115 Tonne Boiler

One of our heaviest single shipments recently was a boiler from China to Italy. Weighing in at 115 tonnes this project took over 4 months to complete.

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Works Of Art

This particular shipment was being returned to New York after an exhibition at the Tate Liverpool. Requiring as little handling as possible the direct Lufthansa freighter from EMA to JFK was ideal even if departing at 0300 hrs meant that the witnessed load required had to be done in the middle of the night.

The shipment landed in JFK at 0613 and the consignment was collected the same day.

Previous shipments have also included Paintings, Sculptures, Lithographs and Antiques

witness load

air freight

Aircraft Simulators.

What do you do with scrap aircraft? Cut off the cockpit and turn it into a simulator of course!

CAE Inc recently sourced 2 cockpits in the UK that required shipping to their plant in Montreal for converting into simulators. After initally trying to book the first shipment direct with the shipping line they realised that they were going to require a little help with customs clearance etc.

MIES efficiently handled customs clearance and liased with the haulier and receiving depot to ensure a smooth receipt and that the correct equipment was available for loading and lashing onto container and delivery to the quayside, well in time for the planned vessel.

Similarly MIES International regularly handle imports into the UK of simulators and their spares on behalf of some of the UK's leading companies in this specialised field.

air freight

Private Aircraft

MIES staff handled the customs clearance of a Cessna Citation 680 at East Midlands Airport.

Previous aircraft clearances include a Gulfstream G550 for a local company.

customs clearance

F1 Engines

A call was received from Mercedes Benz requiring assistance with the export entry and Carnet presentation at East Midlands Airport for 2 F1 engines being exported by charter aircraft to Istanbul for the Turkish Grand Prix and the waiting McLaren Mercedes Team.

Unfortunately for the team, in the race Kimi Raikonnen was involved in a first corner accident but Pedro de la Rosa finished 5th.

f1 engines

Temporary Reactor Head

A Nuclear Reactor Plant requires a temporary reactor head!

A temporary reactor head (TRH) fabricated in Westminster, MA, and its storage container fabricated in Wilmington,NC.

The TRH required shipping in a slope frame and storage container in a cradle. MIES liased with the shipping line and overseas agent to arrange pick up/special vehicles and permits that were required and planned routing in order with the US state laws. Both shipments co-ordinated, although loading at different points, to be on the same vessel which enable shipment to be cleared on one entry. This was a witnessed load by the customer at the same time and delivery arranged on one vehicle meaning only 1 set of permits and escort required.

The goods were ready on 28th July and sailed on 4th August arriving in Liverpool docks on 15th August. They were loaded on 16th and delivered on 17th, a day earlier than originally envisaged. A lot of hard work and planning on this one but everything ran smoothly and another satisfied customer.

freight forwarders

Commercial Aircraft Spares.

MIES handle the storage and pick and pack distribution of spares for one of our Airline customers whose aircraft are based at EMA.

We also oversee deliveries of unservicable items to repairers situated around the world and receive repaired items back into our depot

jet engine
Ongoing Projects

We are currently managing many projects on a much smaller scale too including fresh flowers, exhbition material, foodstuffs and much more.....




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