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Brexit - the time has come..

From the 1st of January 2021 the UK left the European Union, resulting in the movement of all goods in and out of the EU requiring Customs Clearance. The action of leaving the EU opens up a whole new ball game to modern day trading with Europe. UK traders now need to look at EU Europe in the same way as they would China, Australia and the United States of America. In other words "Third World Trading".

It is estimated that as a result of BREXIT there will be an increase of some 300% in Customs Declarations and some 150,000 businesses will need to be ready for the big changes that are now in place.

If your business trades with EU or Northern Ireland you now need to process import and export declarations, safety and security filings, VAT and tariff payments and have the necessary expertise in place to accurately handle these additional customs requirements. You need to be compliant in these processes. Failure to be able to handle these additional systems could mean disruption to your supply-chain, heavy penalities from HMRC and ultimately impacting on your customer service and your profitability. Solution - Appoint MIES International as your Customs Intermediary.