Dangerous Goods

In order to offer Dangerous Cargo Packing and Handling services, it is important that the company employs a fully qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) – MIES employs such a person whose services can be used on a consultancy basis.

MIES are able to provide a monitoring and advisory service for the transport, packing and handling of hazardous goods and materials. We will also be on call to provide advice in the event of any problems or incidents relating to the transportation of hazardous products.

Handling and packing of dangerous goods is a specialised subject and we employ some of the most experienced people in the Midlands to manage this service.

Our services under DGSA cover the following duties:-

To monitor compliance with the legislation and recommendations governing the transport of dangerous goods and materials;

To advise the employer on health, safety and environmental issues relating to the transport of dangerous goods and materials;

To ensure that an annual report is prepared and provided to the employer on the company’s activities in relation to the transport of dangerous goods and materials and to monitor the practices and procedures in the company’s handling and transportation of dangerous goods and materials.