Brexit FAQ's

Do I need the EORI number of the company I'm dealing with in EU?

Do I still need to complete INTRASTATS?

Is it a requirement to declare the terms of sale?

Is there any such thing as a Value for Customs?

Do I need to provide Commodity Codes?

Do I need to provide Safety & Security Declarations?

Will VAT be payable on imports from EU?

Yes - EU consignees MUST have an EU EORI number - this needs to be clearly shown on your export paperwork. Likewise if you are importing from EU then your EU exporter will need to declare their EORI number on their invoice to you.

Yes - It is a requirement of the UK Exporter to continue to submit INTRASTATS

Yes- the INCOTERMS are required on your shipping documents in order to prove who is responsible for payment of taxes, freight, insurance etc.

No - The value that needs to be declared on your export/import documentation needs to be a true and accurate market value. Under declaration of goods is classed as a customs offence.

Yes - Correct Commodity Codes are necessary to establish correct duty rates and classification of goods for trade statistics. An important part of Customs Compliance

Yes - SSD will be mandatory from 1st July 2021

Yes - UK Importers will be able to take advantage of Post Poned VAT Accounting (PVA) from January 1st 2021. Alternatively VAT can be paid on arrival and then reclaimed back from HMRC