Freight Finance

We are consistent providers of relevant expertise – By contracting your Freight Management to Logistrat, you are guaranteed a continuity of service and expertise. We ensure the provision and continuity of staffing levels and the provision of holiday cover without the need for you to re-recruit and incur ancillary costs.

Letters of Credit

Logistrat provides a second to none service in the processing of Letters of Credit. We can handle the job from the initial negotiation stage through to final presentation and payment. Help and advice is on hand and we cover all aspects of freight and shipping related finance.

Intrastat & ESL Processing

We provide a comprehensive service to cover the processing and electronic submission of your Intrastat and ESL declarations to HM Revenue and Customs.

Duty Deferment

We can offer to manage, control and check the use of your Duty Deferment Account. This service ensures that your deferment has not been used without authorisation and that duty and VAT has not been deducted inaccurately.