Freight Management Services

We are consistent providers of relevant expertise – By contracting your Freight Management to Logistrat, you are guaranteed a continuity of service and expertise. We ensure the provision and continuity of staffing levels and the provision of holiday cover without the need for you to re-recruit and incur ancillary costs.

Logistrat offers a comprehensive International Freight Management service which enables us to arrive at a complete solution for our clients.

Logistrat undertakes a strategic planning service interfacing with your Company Production Planning/ manufacturing Process / Export Sales Department/ Current Logistics Provider and/or your customer demands.

We provide a platform to give you complete price control and we do this by balancing the cost of shipping within overall cost controls. We define and manage systems to cut out ineffective and inefficient logistics.

Most importantly we carry out all implementation requirements on your behalf. In effect, Logistrat tailor systems and suppliers to meet your exact pre-agreed strategy and planning.

Logistrat provides a physical management facility that offers an effective plan to manage systems and suppliers to meet required targets and budgets and provides cost effective logistics, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

We also offer a range of mini-contracts, designed to address a variety of specific challenges that companies often face when involved in the complexities of International Freight Forwarding.