Customs Representation

As an Importer, or as an Exporter, or both, are you familiar with Customs Representation? If not, then you should be. Contact our AEO Team at

Export Control Awareness

The Export Control Joint Unit has published the latest edition of their Export Control Training Bulletin. The bulletin can be read or downloaded from here:- Export Control Training Bulletin.

The Importance of Customs Compliance

The World of International Trade and Logistics is becoming ever more complicated, ever more controlled by red-tape and even more dominated by Customs Compliance. The responsibilities of being “Customs Compliant” are being pushed more and more in the direction of the Exporter/Importer and this can be a real headache to a business that has inappropriate skill and resource in international freight forwarding and international customs matters. Enter the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), effectively a “Customs Trusted Trader”. Companies holding an Authorised Economic Operator certification have a real advantage over companies that are not AEO certified. It is believed that “Post Brexit” AEO cer

The Importance of Compliance

HM Revenue & Customs have recently prosecuted a Leicestershire based company for illegally shipping controlled chemicals and metals to foreign territories, despite being refused an export licence. The company was under investigation for several years and continually tried to ship controlled materials. The shipments were intercepted at the border and the company failed to apply for the required export licences. HM Revenue & Customs takes action against those that refuse or fail to comply with the UK's Export Control Regulations and will make heavy penalties, which include fines and even imprisonment, against those that contravene the compliance processes that are in place. Contact our Complia

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